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Two software students Kexin Huang & Dewei Liu have been developing this web app since 14 Aug 2018! Naming this project as Best Friends App is for memorising the long-term friendship.
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(Last updated on Thursday 01 January 1970)

This project is using multiple servers and their intergration based on Microsoft Azure Cloud Service, including Web App, SQL Database, Azure Bot service (Direct Line API) and QnAMaker. All of these servers are hosted on Azure Web App service, and this app uses Django Framework written in Python 3. Clients can only contact the app so other servers are hidden from clients. This makes sure that other servers are in safe and won't get exposed in public.

Because of our limited budget, the performance of the servers is quite low, so please be paitent to the delays while you are using the app.

Please see the images below to check out how it works.

Login page

When you log in with your first name and surname, the app checks if you are a registered user by checking your name.


Starting the conversation

The app then receives the URL with your user ID. It queries the SQL database for your details and chatting history. Then it shows you the AI dialog and your previous messages (if any). At the same time, the app send HTTP request to The Azure Bot to start a conversation with your bot credentials.
Note, the bot credentials are used for accessing the bot and identifing which messages are from a same conversation/user. These are required by "Direct Line API", and not controlled by you. (not your login details)

start conversation

send a message

receive a message